Monday, May 26, 2008

My backyard 5-25-08

You will see from the pictures below... My house is like the 'before' in a Scott's commercial. It needs a whole lotta work... But this summer... since I can't afford to go anywhere :) or rather, I'm choosing not to... I will be giving my lawn some TLC. I'll keep you 'posted' all summer... and you'll be able to check out my veggies.

Back yard along Carl's fence
Straight back... ick.
Weeds... my whole back yard looks like this!
This is the front... it's not THAT bad.

This is where I am planning on being a redneck... no corn though :) Side of my house

5-23-08 Tiger Game

We were blessed to have suite tickets to go to the Tiger game, I took the customer and Phyllis got to go too!!

Alive Prom

Every year at Alive we have the Alive Prom. It's a place that the high schoolers can just get together and have fun, it's affordable... $10 admission that we use as a fundraiser for various things (this year was for our NEW BUS! because we have so many kids we can't fit them all in one bus! how great is that)!!
Cecil... being... well... Cecil
Phyllis and our girl Ava
Phyllis and Savannah
Phyllis and my girl Ashley
Phyllis and Evan
Phyllis and Katie being silly

Divas... or so they think
The beautiful Phyllis and Katie